Heavy Construction Projects


Since 1973 our resume includes a wide variety of commercial projects including multi-family developments, shopping centers and malls, large retail outlets, large warehousing and manufacturing facilities, banks, and restaurants. We are proud to have long standing relationships with repeat business from South Florida’s premier commercial property development firms and leading general contractors, both locally and nationally.


CSR’s diversified customer base also includes the leading aviation developers in the South Florida area. Our crews are certified to work at local executive and international airports. We have met the FAA technical standards to work in and around taxi-ways, ramps, fixed base operations and large aircraft storage hangars.


CSR Construction has worked with all the local city and county municipalities, school boards and the State University system. We have also done extensive work with The Archdiocese of Miami and Palm Beach as well as many other faith based organizations. This work includes adult living facilities, roadway construction, parks and recreation facilities, greenways, libraries and public safety complexes. We are proud to have received four awards for excellence in various public projects.


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